Date : 20 September 2018 - 21 September 2018
Venue : Armada Hotel PJ

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One of the hallmarks of good leadership is the ability to manage people both within and outside of the organization. And the starting point of effective management is to be able to identify what are the metrics and variables to be managed i.e. to know others’ personalities. During the course, various personalities are discussed and proven methods are applied on how to manage the myriads of personalities.  In addition, participants shall be taught with established methodologies on how to evaluate someone else’s personalities as a basis to successfully manage others and release their hidden competencies.

As a compliment to LPI, Dr. Carol S. Dweck’s methods on the relationship between mindsets and success and Edward de Bono’s writings shall be deciphered to the participants to understand and change paradigms by applying LPI. In addition, stress management and the endorphins theory are included in this course to assist managing self and others.

Supplementing this, change management from the works of Kubler-Ross and Lewin are discussed and applied in various situations. Thereafter, Influence as a topic is included to assist attendees to capitalize on their LPI’s knowledge to effectively manage others. This topic shall consist of the works of, inter-alia, Cialdini, Hans Scharff, Socrates, Aristotle, Maslow etc. To further equip the participants, Conflict Management, Communication and Negotiation (applying Fisher, Ury and Patton’s writings) using LPI’s knowledge shall also be facilitated. At the end, all participants shall be trained and given tools to assess the personalities of others.

Standard Rate
RM1,880.00 per person

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